de la Rosa is a bridal collection for the effortless, modern bride. A de la Rosa bride wants to look and be herself on her wedding day. She doesn’t necessarily need to get married in a church. Her aisle could be a beach-path and the mountains, her cathedral. She appreciates fashion and doesn't need to follow the traditional bridal stereotypes. It’s her “Big Day,” but she still wants to have a blast. Thus, de la Rosa offers uncomplicated and elegantly unconventional bridal gowns and separates. de la Rosa is timeless, easy and always fun to wear.


Each piece is handmade in Hawaii at our Waimanalo Beach atelier.


de la Rosa was born from the passionate love of designing and making lovely garments from start to finish. Designer/Owner, Rachel Flemister, grew up in California and learned the craft of sewing at a young age from her mother (who learned from her mother, and so-on). Starting with pajamas, she moved on to pattern-making and creating garments. Rachel was always drawn to wedding gowns’ meaningful elegance, though. After high school, she attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles and immediately got an internship with one of L.A.'s biggest fashion labels. During this time, Rachel began making wedding dresses for close friends, discovering a whole new desire within her profession. 

After working as a Designer in Los Angeles for eight years, Rachel decided to quit the major labels and get back to the roots of her passion. Thus in 2016, she moved to Hawaii with her husband who was born and raised on Oahu and launched de la Rosa: A collection of casual, refined, handmade bridal wear for the modern bride.

Born from the love of creating beautiful wears, de la Rosa, her mother’s maiden name, is an ode to the craft passed down within her family for generations. Thus, every de la Rosa gown and piece is meticulously handmade with a passion and experience Rachel has honed her entire life.